Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhassa
Honour to the Blessed One, the Exalted One, the fully and perfectly Enlightened One


Fundamendals of the laws of existence.
        Anicca  Impermanence or Change Dukkha Unsatisfactoriness (ill) Anatta Not-self or Insubstantiality
Five Niyamas (laws) which govern the univese.
Chitta Niyama: laws of the mind.
Biija Niyama: genetic inheritance.
Dharma Niyama: the laws of nature.
Uthu Niyama: seasonal changes and climate.
Karma Niyama: the law of cause and effect, or karma.
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Enlightenment of Buddha
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The nine supreme attributes of the Lord Buddha and eighteen special qualities of the Buddha.

                            In seeking the truth and to find a way to end all pain and suffering in the world, the Bodhisatta
                            or Buddha-to-be sat under a Bodhi tree and made a strong determination to find a way to end all 
                            sorrow. When the Buddha-to-be went into deep meditation, He was able to see things as they  
                            truly were and found the cause of all sorrows :

                            During the First Watch of the Night (Pubbe Nivasanussati Nana)
                            During the first watch of the night, He developed the mind of that supernormal knowledge which enabled Him to remember His past lives.

                            In the Middle Watch of the Night (Cutupapata Nana)
                            In the middle watch of the night, He gained clairvoyance, the knowledge to understand the death and rebirth of living beings.

                            In the Last Watch of the Night (Asavakkhaya Nana)
                            In the last watch of the night, He developed the supernormal knowledge with regard to destruction of all mental defilements and comprehending 
                            everything as they truly are, attained Perfect Enlightenment – Samma Sambodhi.

                            As the morning star appeared in the eastern sky, the Buddha-to-be became a Buddha, a Fully-Enlightened One and was named Buddha Gotama.